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IBM named LPA as a beacon award finalist for outstanding weather analytics solution who delivered one of the most effective and innovative weather-based implementations to help its client make better decisions.

LPA offers customized training in business analytics and predictive analytics, We are a recognized leader in analytics training, and were recently featured in a Rochester Business Journal article about trends in eLearning.

Are you ready for Self-Service BI? IBM Cognos Analytics offers guided, self-service capabilities designed to solve problems and seize new opportunities quickly. Let LPA help your organization understand its readiness to embrace Self-Service BI with the new release of Cognos Analytics

Operating in the hospitality industry presents unique challenges, with dynamic rate setting, new apps for consumers, and changing needs of travelers. Let LPA help you better serve your clients with our solutions for hospitality clients.

Healthcare is one of the largest and most rapidly changing industries in the country – and one of the most complex.  Fortunately, healthcare is one of the industries where LPA has deep expertise.

LPA helps manufacturing companies use data and analytics to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage, improving collaboration and operational excellence with distributors, retailers, and supply chain partners. 

Energy and Utility companies face a changing economic landscape requiring them to address new customer needs, respond to changes in the world energy markets, and to predict demand in the future. LPA is there to help you look into the future with analytics. 

Marketing to attract new students is an expensive business. Student retention is critically important to colleges and universities, and graduating on time is a key metric that many colleges are struggling to achieve.  LPA can assist with data mining and predictive analytics.

CFOs and financial executives are seeking creative ways to implement rapid change and manage costs. Having the right information at the right time to sense and respond, is key to meeting financial targets. LPA can help you anticipate important events quickly with financial dashboards and predictive analytics.

Government agencies and municipalities are managing tighter budgets while responding to greater information needs from informed citizens. LPA has solutions to assist government entities in fighting crime, cutting costs, predicting at risk students and improving the environment. Ask how we can help.

Consumers are highly informed before they buy. New technologies have permanently transformed the ways in which consumers communicate, interact, research and shop for goods and services. LPA can help you understand your customers, personalize their shopping experience, and enhance brand loyalty.

LPA can help insurance companies focus their resources on claims which have a high likelihood of being fraudulent, allowing valid claims to be processed more quickly and efficiently.


Exactly What You Need to KnowAutomated data analysis, discovery and visualization

Businesses today are fortunate. With modern technology, companies now have access to greater volumes of data than ever before. However, unless it is properly managed, this vast quantity of data can also create a mire of inefficiency and wasted manual labor.

Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

We know predictive analytics, business intelligence, big data, and financial performance management. More importantly, we know how these solutions and technologies can help you improve your business outcomes, with an approach tailored to your industry and your company. Let LPA help you to make faster and more informed decisions – based on exactly what you need to know.

Unlock Insights Tied to Location

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LPA has partnered with Pitney Bowes, adding Location Intelligence to its analytics portfolio, enabling our clients to gain insights through predictive geospatial analytics.

A Platinum PartnerlpaBPMark_web_list.jpg

LPA Software Solutions is a consulting firm built on client satisfaction and deep expertise in business analytics. With 15 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, LPA offers cross industry solutions requiring predictive analytics, business intelligence, big data and financial performance management.

LPA Software Solutions is one of a distinguished few full-service IBM Platinum Business Partners. This distinction means each of our consultants knows IBM software inside and out. We will help you evaluate your business environment and determine what your business needs to be more efficient and more competitive. We create and install the necessary solutions, and train your team to realize their fullest potential. Look through our range of industry solutions then allow LPA to be your premier partner in creating a business ready for tomorrows challenges.

Webinar Series

Click here to access our webinar archive of historical recordings spanning a wide variety of both technical and industry focused topics.