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Our history.


LPA Software Solutions, LLC is a nationally known business analytics solution provider. The company was founded as LPA Systems, Inc. in 2001 by Donald Soule, Gentry Politte, Katrina Adams, and Raymond Shady. LPA was acquired in 2015 by a group of partners led by Jim Carrick and became LPA Software Solutions.
LPA currently has offices in Rochester, New York; Charlotte, North Carolina; Albany, New York; Houston, Texas; and Dallas, Texas.


LPA corporate headquarters are located in Rochester, New York.

Corporate Headquarters
400 Linden Oaks, Suite 140
Rochester, New York 14625
Phone: 866-783-9900

Mid Atlantic Region
Don Ponge, VP Business Development
Phone: 315-491-4721

Northeast Region
Jesse McNulty, Account Manager
Phone: 585-419-3944

Great Lakes
John Antonucci, Account Manager
Phone: 585-419-3933

Southwest Region
The Woodlands, Houston, TX 77382
Chad Erman, Regional Manager
Phone: 281-770-6603