Remote Cognos Training: The Key to Software Adoption & Optimization

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Apr 20, 2020 9:18:07 AM

Your company’s analytics and AI needs are unique to your business, and one activity that there never seems to be enough time for is training. Now that most everyone is working from home, people are saving the time they would normally spend commuting, as well as time spent traveling to meetings or client visits.  This extra time can be used to sharpen skills with training. You don’t have to keep them busy all day—brief, virtual training sessions will be enough to:

  • Achieve staff motivation. Instead of spending time worrying about job security, your employees will view an investment in training as a sign of their continued value to the company.
  • Track their time. Rather than wondering if your staff are actually working, get them into a virtual training room where you know what they’re doing and the activity is benefiting your business.

The ideal virtual training environment makes use of consultants with actual hands-on experience doing the work. Some of the basic Cognos analytics trainings you can offer remotely while your employees are working from home include:

  1. Cognos Analytics Workshop
  2. Cognos Report Authoring
  3. Cognos Data Modules
  4. Cognos Dashboards and Stories

These modules are the core IBM’s Cognos analytics training. For anyone who is new to Cognos, the first two modules will get them up and running in two to four days, and by the time they’ve gone through all four modules they’ll be able to build their own assets.

Remote Cognos TrainingAmplify Your Team

Many companies have unfortunately lost key staff as a result of the shift to remote work and payroll constraints. As a result teams are no longer able to keep up with their workload.  An economical solution is to retain highly skilled contract workers, which allows you to satisfy the needs of your business without the long term cost of adding a new employee. Whenever there’s a spike in the workload, or while your employees are adjusting to their new, remote lifestyle, bringing in highly skilled workers on a short-term basis amplifies your team's abilities.

Cognos Training Courses: How LPA Can Help

LPA’s training program is aimed at educating internal user groups on an ongoing basis. This isn’t a “one and done” affair. Instead, it’s spread out across the year and builds community among your workers. The training is customized for use in the field and to solve real problems.

With the recent shift to remote work, LPA’s training is being offered in bite-sized chunks that keep workers in their virtual classroom for a few hours a day, instead of blocking out entire days of their time. The knowledge center is full of webinars your team can access at their convenience during their quieter periods.

LPA also offers staff augmentation services with qualified workers. These range from senior architects who are brought on board to help design or guide a financial analytics or business intelligence project, to implementation-focused workers who specialize in dashboard development.

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