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Webinar: What's New with Cognos Analytics v11.0.10 and Upgrade F.A.Q.

Posted: Apr 12, 2018

Category: Business Intelligence | Tags: Webinar

IBM recently released Cognos Analytics v11.0.10.

This webinar reviews and discusses Release 10 new features and functionality, including the bullet points below.

In addition, Rich Chester, LPA's Director of Business Intelligence, answers your upgrade questions. 


  • Create a URL
    • A URL is a standard way of identifying the location for any external file or website. Create URLs to keep the files and websites you use most frequently at your fingertips. Clicking a URL opens the file or website in the browser.
  • OpenId Connect Authentication Proxy
    • IBM Cognos Analytics now provides another provider type, 'OpenID Connect Authentication Proxy' in Cognos Configuration. This menu offers the option to have Trusted Signon Provider (TSP) for OpenID connect.
  • Jobs created by any user
    • Previously, only administrators could create jobs by clicking Manage>Job. As of release 11.0.10, the Job button now appears under the New button, which is available to any user.

Dashboards and stories

  • Export dashboards to PDF
    • You can create a PDF of your dashboard to print out or to share electronically. Printed PDFs can be conveniently read while you're away from your computer, for example, while traveling on a plane. You can also easily share PDFs via email.
  • Drill through from a dashboard or story to report
    • You can drill through from a visualization on your dashboard or story to report. This allows you to navigate from the visualization to the related report, while retaining the original context of the visualization

Data Modeling

  • Relinking a data model source
    • You can relink a data module source to a different source. You can use the functionality when the current source in your data model is invalid, or when you want to replace a test source with a production source.

Upgrading F.A.Q.

  • Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about upgrading to Cognos v11
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