Cognos Implementation Best Practices: Don't Go It Alone

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Jul 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Cognos Analytics speeds up adoption and practical applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in businesses. The software solution provides organizations with an integrated view of performance and simplifies data preparation, visualization, and reporting. Our implementation approaches guarantee a faster time to value along with practices and standards that drive success for IT and business.

Why Outsource Cognos Analytics Implementation?

  • Keep your lean IT team focused on your crucial technology activities
  • It removes the costly need to hire or retrain staff on IBM analytics implementation
  • IBM Cognos consultants are experts that spend 90% of their workday on this implementation
  • You can expect quicker and neater transformation roadmap

Why Partners are Your Best Shot at a Streamlined Cognos Implementation

With nearly 20 years of experience helping companies implement data analytics software like Cognos; LPA has built a process that differentiates our consulting and implementation support from the rest. If you're thinking about implementing Cognos, or any data software; don't go it alone. Here's a list of characteristics  you'll want to find in an implementation partner to get the most out of your software investment. 

  1. Customized implementation:
    We identify the best Cognos capabilities for your type of business, technology toolsets, and employee skill sets.

  2. Implementation geared towards high user adoption:
    Our implementation approaches are developed from many years of experience working with customers in different niches. We will help you through processes and capabilities that accelerate user adoption and the learning curve for the software.

  3. Architecture design for optimal performance:
    We design and configure features for accessibility. We specify and align design principles with your business needs and corporate culture.

  4. Information transfer and team guidance:
    World class training is part of the package. We let your internal teams take part and learn from us through the implementation process.

  5. Product experts and highly trained people:
    We bring a team of  agile and highly experienced people. Our deep and broad expertise in Cognos implementation is anchored in extensive partner networks and close ties with the IBM Cognos centers.

  6. Process and knowledge:
    Our service framework consists of a complete range of services. Our experts follow IBM recommended best practices and scalable methodologies for consistency and reliability.

Pick an Implementation Partner with a Proven Framework for Success

At LPA,  our framework of Cognos implementation services covers the full lifecycle of the project—from design and architecture planning to implementation and business optimization and have been refined over nearly 20 years. The comprehensive implementation services characterized by flexibility will help you get the most value from your investment.

The first step in our implementation process is carrying out interviews and workshops with your IT and business people to determine your business readiness and outlining your use cases for data validation. We will find out where you are currently with data and business intelligence as a whole. We will look at your business goals and strategies and techniques and skills challenges. We will then plan an implementation roadmap for the project and business.

Further, we will guide you on articulating the project strategy with management and build stakeholder buy-in. We will work with you in transforming your business goals into our scorecard and KPIs.

Next, we plan all activities with you before the implementation and then build a true solution plan. We explore and analyze your business requirements and determine the best implementation approaches that match your needs, capacity, and capabilities. You will be our key partner in the activity and deliverables planning phase and the rest of the implementation journey.

Then, our team of project managers and expert architects will help you in defining your Cognos projects with detailed project scoping. We will provide you with a project charter and initiation deliverables. Our scoping solution provides timelines, budget estimates and success plans that lead to a smoother transition from the build to the deployment stages of implementation.
After project scoping comes assessments for both your current infrastructure and your data readiness:

  1. Infrastructure Assessment: This part of the implementation process narrows down the infrastructure requirements for the implementation. We assess your current environment and infrastructure architecture. We evaluate the performance of your systems and choose a design and deployment path and destination that makes the most of your current resources while reducing risks.

  2. Data readiness assessment: Data quality problems could affect the performance of your implemented analytics. We perform an analysis that reveals your data readiness and issues that need addressing before deployment of the solution. This test sets the baseline for future data quality, and we guide on how to improve it.

With assessment details in hand, LPA then works closely with your IT people and business analysts in configurations. These are the people that own your data. They understand best the most important features for your business. Our hands-on collaborative building leads to better user adoption and business improvement.

Our approach favors a step wise implementation accompanied by training workshops. With sequential implementation and training, LPA implements a part of the solution, provides hands-on training, and then we move to the next feature. This reduces the intimidating enormity of the whole process and maintains focus on specific business needs.

Lastly,  comes performance management. At LPA, we conduct optimization based on your business strategy and performance needs. Unique to LPA, we  do customizations that target your potential areas of high return. After deployment, we perform checks that ensure that the deliverables adhere to your quality expectations and business objectives.

Our Cognos implementation methodology has led to successful deployments for customers across all industries. This 6 step process: Target, Assess, Design, Build, Deploy, and Optimize is a scalable roadmap with proven tools, templates, guidelines, and procedures.

Building a data-driven organization with successful adoption of Cognos requires a strong implementation partner to maximize the agility and practical application of your business intelligence. Work with a partner who will take the time to understand your business, your goals, and set you up for success. Learn how to evaluate partners and pick the right support for your implementation with our checklist: 8 Characteristics of a Great Data Software Implementation Partner.

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