IBM Cloud Paks: 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Cloud Migration

Posted by David Russell on Mar 31, 2021 10:20:46 AM

Today's successful organizations are going through digital transformation (DX) to become more competitive and profitable in today's business environment. Cloud adoption is a key component in any DX strategy but migrating to the cloud can be quite challenging.

In particular, rewriting application architecture for the cloud and investing in the resources to orchestrate the migration can make cloud adoption cost prohibitive for many companies. Hurdles such as skills gaps, integration issues, legacy codes, security concerns, and vendor lock in may prevent many organizations from  adopting a modern cloud strategy.

IBM Cloud Paks help companies overcome these constraints. They're designed to simplify workflows, accelerate  cloud migration, and improve operational efficiency.

IBM Cloud Paks Support Cloud Migrations

IBM Cloud Paks use a containerized approach that help facilitate the integration of multiple cloud environments and the implementation of a unified cloud strategy.

IBM Cloud Paks  offer a fast and reliable way to build, move, and manage workloads on the cloud. These Cloud Paks can be run on-premise, on public clouds, or in a hybrid approach, providing full stack support through up to date software to ensure the highest level of security. They're pre-integrated based on five major use cases, so you only have to purchase the capabilities you need.

5 Ways to Apply IBM Cloud Paks to Your Business

These are the five available IBM Cloud Paks :

1. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

It allows users to build, deploy and manage applications on the cloud. The built-in tools and workflows accelerate the modernization and deployment of applications. They also help you analyze existing applications to facilitate your modernization journey.

To modernize traditional applications, use this Cloud Pak to run a system analysis that outlines dependencies, issues, and estimated migration costs. Then, follow the recommendations to create a migration plan so you can avoid gaps that may affect user experience, functionalities, or security. You can also use this Cloud Pak to build cloud-native apps that can meet market demands more nimbly.

2. IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

It provides low-code tools that can be easily adopted by non-technical business users to accelerate business process automation (BPA). It also integrates with IBM Robotic Process Automation to support routine task automation. Meanwhile, the built-in workflows and decision-making tools can further increase operational cost-efficiency.

Customer support teams can use this Cloud Pak to automate straightforward workflows, such as refund requests, to improve productivity. HR departments can automate onboarding and training processes to deliver a consistent employee experience. Meanwhile, accounting folks can streamline the invoice validation process with decision automation to avoid costly errors and delays.

3. IBM Cloud Pak for Data

AI technologies in this Cloud Pak modernize the end-to-end process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. It simplifies the implementation of data analytics, derives timely and actionable insights, and supports accurate data-driven decision-making.

This Cloud Pak enables data science teams to integrate systems and manage assets across the AI lifecycle. It collates data across databases and clouds, prepares the data, builds analytics models, as well as deploys and manages the models at scale. It can also detect and mitigate biases in the AI models while ensuring governance of both your data and AI models.

4. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Using this Cloud Pak's API lifecycle management and data integration tools, you can acquire data from multiple sources. It offers built-in templates, prebuilt connectors, and an asset repository to support the flexibility and scale needed for integration and digital transformation.

Marketers can use real-time customer data from various sources to deliver a personalized shopping experience across channels and increase conversions. You can also leverage the insights to send event-driven alerts in real-time to boost customer engagement. In addition, the high-speed transfer and advanced enterprise messaging capabilities can help you scale your internal data pipeline.

5. IBM Cloud Pak for Multi-cloud Management

This Cloud Paks allows you to collect and organize events generated by applications running in disparate environments. It provides consistent visibility, automation, and governance capabilities in a multicloud setting so you can manage a wide range of activities without sacrificing agility.

IT teams can use this Cloud Pak to conduct microservice-level monitoring and gain a holistic view of all your application environments. It allows you to automate data governance across multiple platforms and enforce policy at scale. You can also perform rapid triage of application performance issues, as well as improve collaboration between operations and development teams with a common framework.

Support Successful Cloud Migration with IBM Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud Paks can help you accelerate your cloud migration journey cost-effectively. To get the most of your investment, support your initiative with a comprehensive implementation plan so you can integrate IBM Cloud Paks into your overall digital transformation strategy.team of successful business people having a meeting in executive sunlit office

First, establish your objectives and identify the associating key performance indicators (KPIs.) Select the appropriate IBM Cloud Paks that will help you meet the requirements and objectives of your digital transformation initiative. Then, analyze your existing apps and create a migration plan. Also, work with an experienced service provider with extensive experience in implementing IBM Cloud Paks to ensure data integrity and operational continuity during the transition.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner with over 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, we have helped companies in multiple industries implement IBM solutions. Get in touch to see how we can help you leverage IBM Cloud Paks to accelerate your cloud migration journey.

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