The Cost-Savings Benefits of AI-Driven Data Analytics with Cloud Pak

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Aug 26, 2020 10:27:20 AM

Digital transformation (DX) is the key to staying relevant in today's competitive business environment. In fact, 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one.

Among the many facets of DX, data analytics is one of the hardest nuts to crack but also the most essential component. Companies face various hurdles in this area, such as data security concerns, lack of the right IT infrastructure, as well as inefficient management of tools and applications -- all of which can increase the cost of incorporating data analytics into critical business processes.

To solve the myriad of challenges, you need to increase cost-efficiency by implementing an integrated solution that's designed to help businesses collect, organize, analyze, and manage data using AI-driven technology. 

One such unified data platform is IBM Cloud Pak for Data, which is the top choice of enterprise CIOs. It allows companies to save costs while improving operational efficiency with the power of AI and machine learning. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Reap the Cost-Savings Benefits of AI-Powered Data Analytics 

Cost is a key concern for many companies when implementing DX strategies and data analytics software. From data storage to security, IBM Cloud Pak for Data offers a consolidated solution that helps reduce cost and increase efficiency in these key areas: 

Data Movement and Storage

Cloud Pak for Data uses data virtualization, which allows users to query data where it resides without moving it, to minimize the costs associated with data movement. This also helps break down siloes so stakeholders can tap into data directly from the source in real-time to reduce the associated operational costs by 70%Portrait of technician working on laptop in server room

You can automatically connect data sources to eliminate the complexities of data integration, which is time-consuming and error-prone. In fact, a recent Forrester study found that CloudPak for Data reduces extract, transform, load (ETL) requests by 25% to 65%.

In addition, by using snapshots for functional TestDev, Cloud Pak for Data can save up to 95% of storage capacity and reduce the increasing cost associated with data storage and supporting technologies.

IT Infrastructure 

You can deploy Cloud Pak for Data on any cloud environment (e.g., IBM Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, hybrid cloud, or private cloud) to reduce hardware purchases by 33% per refresh cycle and other infrastructure costs.

Built on Red Hat OpenShift, Cloud Pak for Data can lower IT infrastructure and development costs by 38% per application, reduce overall infrastructure management efforts by 65% to 85%, improve hardware utilization, and achieve up to $12.5–$14.4 million in container management efficiencies.

AI Tool Integration

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Data analytics involves many aspects that require a variety of tools. However, managing a multitude of separate applications can be labor-intensively, time-c

onsuming, and error-prone. Not to mention, productivity can be negatively impacted if the disparate tools don't "play nice" with each other.

Cloud Pak for Data provides a unified platform that brings together all the tools you need, such as machine learning and data science, to increase productivity while reducing the cost associated with purchasing and managing applications from different vendors. This can help you save up to $1.2–3.4 million

Data Security and Governance

To effectively leverage data throughout the organization, you need to ensure "trust in data." However, it's challenging to maintain data quality and integrity when an organization is collecting and processing a vast amount of information from various sources.

Cloud Pak for Data is a single cloud-native infrastructure with enterprise-level security. It allows you to mitigate risks and minimize costs with AI-driven data classification and security policy enforcement, such as ongoing automated compliance checks.

It uses IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalogue to reduce the time required to automate data discovery, maintain data quality and integrity, ensure governance, and generate compliance reports by 90%.

Make AI-Powered Data Analytics Work For Your Business

For businesses serious about implementing data analytics and tapping into the power of AI, IBM Cloud Pack for Data is an indispensable tool. Besides the many cost-savings benefits, it allows you to operationalize AI with trust and transparency throughout the organization. 

Furthermore, the cloud-based infrastructure gives you the flexibility to easily expand your platform with additional services, and in fact, you can deploy a private cloud system in less than 4 hours.

To make the most of IBM Cloud Pak for Data, you can partner with experts who know the ins-and-outs of AI-driven data analytics. Here at LPA, we have worked with over 500 clients during the past 20 years. From strategy and system design to training and implementation -- we have got you covered. Get in touch to see how we can make your BI data work for you.

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