Using IBM Planning Analytics for HR or Workforce Planning

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Mar 9, 2020 1:06:00 PM

How much time does it take your team to produce forecasts and reports? Are you confident that your reporting is accurate? 

Imagine the time you and your team could save by not performing endless repetitive tasks. If you're still relying on spreadsheet based HR reporting, it's time to reevaluate your strategy and create more effective workforce planning. We can help.

Workforce planning automates mundane tasks in the planning and forecasting process which frees up more time for analysis. It also accelerates reporting from days to minutes allowing agility to react to changing business conditions. Imagine improving HR decision making by create a proper view of current head count and predict future requirements by doing what if analyses for any headcount or compensation changes. 

A modern workforce planning process can make all the difference. Here are 5 steps to get started:

  1. Back up decisions with ROI
  2. Align top level priorities with HR initiatives
  3. Use data to limit turnover
  4. Ensure compliance in all processes and reduce the risk of breaches associated with using spreadsheets
  5. Pivot in real time to meet changing demand

With a powerful modern planning and analytics solution, you can:

  • Access self-service data modeling to gather insights
  • Connect data sources to generate an integrated plan
  • Collaborate on plans and create one version of truth with HR, finance and operations
  • Use what if scenario comparisons to help guide decisions
  • Automate quick and easy changes across all your plans

Get the tools our experts are using: HR/Workforce Planning Resources

Our team of experts works tirelessly to build our knowledge and keep bringing our customers more. Here's a few resources we've found to continue to understand and grow our HR/Workforce Planning initiatives:

  1. Article: Automate Through Analytics: Unifying Workforce Planning Behind a Single System of Truth
    In this article, the Aberdeen group shares their insight into HR/Workforce Planning through a maturity model framework and a recent survey sharing several key metrics to measure your initiatives and how and where to focus your priorities.

    Read the full article here

  2. Infographic: Five Steps to More Effective Workforce Planning 
    In this infographic, IBM shares tips, stats, and tactical ideas for where and how to make your Workforce Planning more efficient.

    View the Infographic here

  3. Video: Increase the Value of Your Planning Analytics Platform by Applying Workforce Planning
    Watch as the LPA team shares a use case where a customer originally implemented planning analytics for a specific need and found these same tools can be applied to other areas of their business planning, specifically HR/Workforce Planning.

    Watch the video


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