Power Your Customer Experience with IBM Watson Assistant

Customer Experience by Watson Assistant & LPA

Customers expect more year over year. Just one bad experience turns away your most loyal supporters for up to two years. Empower better experiences with reduced response times, highly accurate chatbots, targeted training, and intuitive code-less automation.

Diving deeply into the minds of consumers lets you turn feedback into action. Understand the meaning behind requests to fine-tune training and develop automation that serves every customer.

Better Interactions with Watson

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Targeting what customers value most improves satisfaction. Watson Assistant places you in control of each interaction.

Get into the mindset of potential and existing consumers with:

  • Smart chat bots built on previous interactions
  • Disambiguation that finds the root of every problem
  • Skilled agent escalation
  • An intuitive response builder
  • Reduced average handle times

LPA can help you plan and deploy Watson Assistant to improve customer-facing business processes. We also provide training and implementation support for Watson Studio to help you create the models that can bring Assistant platform to the next level.



Enlighten Customer Contact with LPA

Deploying an intelligent technology requires planning and expertise. With over 19 years helping hundreds of clients, LPA understands how to improve the customer service process.

Give your customer care professionals the tools they deserve by letting LPA create:

  • The Path Forward – Get comprehensive insight into how to deploy Watson Assistant at your organization
  • Faster Resolutions – We build the solutions you need on Watson Assistant to resolve issues quickly and effectively
  • A secure environment – Protect your business processes and customer data whether in the cloud or on-premises
  • Better Customer Experiences – Fast resolution, intelligent escalation, helpful chatbots, and security provide consistently helpful interactions
Intelligent Customer Service

LPA offers top to bottom installation and support for Watson Assistant. Our experts help from business process analysis to training and assessment.

Training & Maintenance

Software support, training, and maintenance are key to using Watson Assistant into the future. Shave years off the training process and stay up to date with support that keeps the Watson Assistant running smoothly.


Business Process Analysis

The first step to deploying new technologies is to find how they fit at your organization.

We examine your existing tools, training methods, business processes, and customer interactions to create a roadmap to automation and intelligent service.

Implementation Deployment

LPA installs and configures Watson Assistant in the best way for your business. We include an initial configuration with your deployment.

Our IBM certified team handles the legwork of creating scripts, securing data, and scaling the platform.




Stay on Top of the Customer Experience

LPA gets involved at every step of the automation process to help customers realize the potential of Watson Assistant.

We seek to provide a thorough implementation, focusing on:

  • Discovery – Our consultants analyze your business processes to better understand how to feed Watson Assistant and maximize the benefit to your company.

  • Implementation – We use the knowledge from the discovery phase to implement Watson Assistant to power relevant business processes. 

  • Deployment – We launch Watson Assistant in a natural way that customers will love.

  • Continuation – LPA experts help your business roll out updates and incorporate Watson in new or revised business processes.
LPA Compass Methodology

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