Business Intelligence

Visualize & Analyze Big Data In Real Time

Business Intelligence is the fusion of art and science—it is the business of knowing. Business Intelligence offers a clear and comprehensive view of a business’s strengths and weaknesses, making it a critical tool for leaders to assess competitive positioning and profitability projections.

The information is visualized through intuitive dashboards and easy to understand reports using plain language, machine learning, and AI recommendations to tell a contextual, data-driven story.

Business Intelligence Capabilities


LPA's Business Intelligence Capabilities are centered around the IBM Cognos BI Platform. Our consultants are 100% IBM Certified and have trained thousands of customers in BI methodologies and technologies. We provide services across all Cognos toolsets from Report Authoring to Framework Modeling and Cognos SDK development.

You may be a good candidate for BI services if you’re seeking:

  • Clarity about the future, based on understanding where you are, and where you’ve been.
  • Operational efficiency through gaining answers to questions that haven’t yet been asked.
  • Improved data quality.
  • Faster and more accurate reporting, analysis, or planning.
  • A stronger competitive advantage.




LPA's Business Intelligence capabilities are centered around the IBM Cognos BI Platform with 100% of our consultants IBM certified. We provide services across all Cognos toolsets ranging from Report Authoring and Framework Modeling, to Cognos SDK development. In addition to our standard analytics support services which include training, software and licensing, expert staffing and ongoing consultation, you’ll receive:


Analytics Strategy & Roadmap – LPA will help you identify the best analytics strategy to meet the unique needs of your business. We’ll then map an implementation plan to get you there.Analytics Health Check – We’ll help you determine how your analytics are performing and what optimizations can be made along the way to improve their impact to your business.


Analytics Installation & Configuration – Let LPA ensure that your analytics are correctly installed and configured across all server environments to form a solid foundation for your analytics implementation to perform as expected.Analytics Upgrade Services – Let us do it for you. Our team’s support will enable you to quickly upgrade and roll out the new features and capabilities to add to your analytics environment.


Ongoing Support – As a trusted partner, LPA will be there before, during, and after implementation to provide help when you need it to ensure you’re getting the most out of your analytics environment. 



LPA CompassSM Implementation Methodology

LPA Compass methodology grew out of decades of collective experience implementing custom applications, analytic solutions, and data warehouse solutions in a variety of industries. Compass is our approach to analytics implementation, designed to ensure success from the onset through to completion and beyond. The LPA Compass approach breaks down four phases of your project: discovery, implementation, deployment, and continuation, and when chained together, provides a full lifecycle process.



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