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Business data has the power to change how you run your company for the better. However, it may also end up useless if you don’t use it correctly, or your employees and stakeholders can’t understand the information you give them. Even if you have clean data, your team won’t be able to use them if there’s no practical insight. After all, every arm of your business—from sales to logistics to human resources—needs a version of the analysis that’s relevant to their operations.

It’s even worse when you don’t collect business data. You lose out on a huge amount of opportunities. You’ll lag behind your data-driven competitors that invest in BI implementation services.

LPA helps you gather, organize, analyze, and present your business data efficiently through specialized software and artificial intelligence. We provide you with easy-to-understand information that will drive your business forward.

Our services consist of both Business Intelligence consultation and implementation — you’ll find out the BI solutions tailored to your specific data problems and, at the same time, get the technical support needed to implement these solutions. The result is a robust BI ecosystem that drives revenue.

The Business Intelligence Advantage


LPA uses the IBM Cognos business intelligence platform for all its business intelligence (BI) needs. You’ll work with business intelligence consultants that are IBM-certified and have years of experience and training in the craft. Let LPA help you create an effective BI implementation project plan coupled with IBM Cognos implementation. We also cover every Cognos toolset, from framework modeling to SDK development.

With LPA, our business analytics consulting service will improve your operations; here's how:

  • Clearer Path –With professionally-processed and presented business intelligence, you’ll know exactly what the present state of your business is. It should also show you how far your company is from reaching its yearly goals.

  • Faster Reporting– Manual methods of gathering business data can be time-consuming and could lead to inaccurate results due to human error. A BI system gathers and organizes your information automatically, so you can get accurate reports for meetings in an instant!

  • Competitive Edge – You may also analyze data in a BI platform. This allows you to find trends and new information that could give you an edge over your competition.
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You and your employees don’t have to be expert statisticians or analysts to gather, analyze, and interpret business data. With a business intelligence tool like IBM Cognos and our business intelligence consulting solutions team on your side, you’ll be able to understand and leverage information to enhance your company’s processes. To help you achieve this, we offer the
following business analytics consulting services:

Analytics Strategy & Roadmap
Our business intelligence consulting team will help you wade through cluttered data to get a “single version of the truth” by creating an analytics strategy. This helps you cut off unnecessary data points and focus on those that truly impact your operations.
Analytics Health Check
Poor data quality can lead to problems in your business, especially if you mostly rely on BI to make executive decisions. We audit your datasets and how they’re processed to ensure you’re consistently using reliable and valid information.

Analytics Installation and Configuration
Though analytics software like IBM Cognos is easy to work on with proper guidance, installing and configuring it is an entirely different beast. Let our IBM-certified team handle the legwork. Our business intelligence consulting services include everything from setting up the program to customizing tools for your business.


Analytics Upgrade Service

If you’re using manual methods or outdated software for your BI, we’ll help you upgrade them to a modern solution. We don’t just install and configure programs for you, but we make sure to migrate all your important files to your new system.


Our excellent services don’t stop at implementation. We provide consistent support, as well. We help monitor your software for bugs, train your employees on how to use your new system, and provide regular security and stability updates.



Our Compass Methodology

A significant part of our successful partnerships here at LPA is because of our Compass methodology. It divides your project into four phases:

  1. Discovery – This phase is where we figure out possible bottlenecks and BI issues in your company, and think of ways to address them.
  2. Implementation – Once we know which issues to target, we try and solve them by designing, building, and testing BI solutions.
  3. Deployment – After a successful testing phase, we move on to launching your new BI system.
  4. Continuation – We help you maintain your BI platform and provide training on how to use it to its full potential.

These four phases provide a simple but full project lifecycle. Our Compass methodology was born out of decades of experience. We’ve used it on hundreds of clients with consistent success.



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