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Better Data Helps You Focus on What Matters

With a wide variety of tools today, it’s easy to collect data. However, analyzing, preserving, and storing them can be difficult if you don’t have the tools or experience. LPA’s data management consulting services help you make important business decisions based on reliable information. We also help you get the right data sets to the right people at the right time.

Improve the Way You Manage Data


Poorly-managed data can lead to outdated or redundant information being used to make important business decisions. Our data science implementation solutions help you avoid this problem. Know the benefits of getting data management consultancy services from LPA.

  • Better Productivity – We clean and organize your data so that your employees can easily and quickly find the information they need. This allows them to spend most of their time on more important tasks instead of wading through antiquated data.
  • Safe and Protected – You can trust us to properly store your data on on-site servers or on a secure cloud service. We make sure your vital information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • All Backed Up –Our data management solution minimizes possible data loss that may happen in case of an outage or other situations. We make sure every piece of information in your system is easily retrievable.
These lay the foundation for effective data use, empowering your team members to make better business decisions. Get in touch with our consultants to learn more.




LPA’s data management consulting services help you avoid the use of unnecessary and outdated data in your system. Our consultants have years of experience in managing, cleaning, and backing up data. We’ll work with you through every step of the process, from consultation to implementation and training.  Here’s a quick overview of our services.

Data Management

Data Health Check - We begin by performing an overall data health check to diagnose its current state and make recommendations for improvement.

Data Governance Readiness Assessment - We will help you assess the maturity of your Information Supply chain, and provide recommendations for implementing Data Governance processes and technologies.

Data Cleansing &

Cleansing data of incomplete or inaccurate records is a critical first step before any meaningful analysis can occur. We apply best practices and ETL methods to standardize and prepare data for use.

Infrastructure Design
& Implementation

As your trusted partner, our team will handle the full design and implementation of your data management plan and determine how it will be operationalized throughout the organization.



Our Four-Step Methodology

At LPA, we provide excellent professional services for each of our clients. We created a four-step process to ensure success for every project implement. It’s called the “Compass Implementation Methodology,” and here’s how it works:

  • Discovery – We’ll do a series of sit-down meetings with you to discuss bottlenecks in your business processes and business intelligence needs.
  • Implementation – After discovering issues in your system, we’ll address them by designing, programming, and testing business intelligence solutions.
  • Deployment – This involves launching our BI solutions to your existing system. We’ll install the software and transfer data for you.
  • Continuation – Our service doesn’t end once we’ve provided the finished product. We’ll provide training sessions for you and your employees, as well as consistent support and maintenance.


Data Governance Readiness Assessment

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