2.22: Get the 411 on Big Data and Analytics Trends, events, and more:

Companies are capturing more data than ever, but unfortunately, a lot of that data does not get used. Smart companies are looking for ways to efficiently process, manage and analyze their structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

We're here to help you stay on top of current and emerging trends with our latest blog post, "Four Big Data Trends for 2022," and our guide, "411 on Big Data: What it Means & How You Can Use It. "

Whether you're just starting your analytics journey or are well down the path we can help.

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1.22: The Future of Analytics is Automation and Accessibility, Cognos Quick Bytes and more:

Organizations sift through huge volumes of data to support decision making on everything from product development to human resource management to marketing. 

The big data and business analytics market (BDA) is expected to reach and surpass its 215.7 billion dollar projection for 2021, out of this figure, $30.9 billion will come from the global business intelligence market by 2022, according to Beroe, Inc. research. The rest will be driven by analytics, among other IT and data services.

Check out our latest blog post, "Key Trends in Analytics for 2022," which includes a roundup of the top trends to watch this year.

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12.21: 10 Trends in Business Analytics for 2022, AI and more:
Smart organizations rely on analytics and artificial intelligence to make decisions. And there's a good reason, they have proven to have real-world ROI implications. A proactive strategy for analytics and AI puts you ahead of your competitors. 

With that in mind, we've created a round-up of 10 analytics trends to watch in our latest blog, "Analytics Trends to Watch in 2022."


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11.21: How AI Helps Your Business, Analytics Virtual User Group Sessions and more

Artificial Intelligence is the future. AI empowers leaders to make better decisions, increase productivity, stay ahead of the competition and enhance the customer experience.

Immense opportunities reside within your data. The challenge is knowing how to turn that data into meaningful insights. The right analytics and AI solutions help you to outpace competitors by making insight-driven decisions.

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10.21: Analytic Strategy, 11/9 Analytics User Group, New CA Quick Byte and More

Like other leaders, you are building and refining your strategy for 2022 and beyond. Have you considered how data factors into your strategic goals? Companies that leverage their data are better equipped to make proactive strategic decisions that grow their business.

Working with the right analytics partner is critical to your success. We would love to be a part of your success story. Get started with a complimentary Analytics Strategy and AI Assessment.

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9.21: Cognos vs Tableau vs PowerBI Software Comparison Guide 2.0,  another CA Quick Byte Video + Cognos Resources
We have gotten a lot of positive comments on our piece Duking it Out: Cognos Analytics vs Tableau vs PowerBI Comparison Guide resource we published back in May 2020.
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8.21: Untapped Potential - AI Manages Unstructured Data

Content that resides outside of databases, known as unstructured data, resides in a wide variety of systems and applications. For some companies, accessing and searching this data is done manually leading to drawn out research time, stalled customer service and delayed incident response. For others, unstructured data is stored, but not used because it is not accessible.

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7.21: AI Makes Your Life Easier + Cognos Virtual User Group Content

Artificial intelligence makes our lives easier in countless ways from making fantasy football picks to getting personalized weather alerts or even applying for marriage licenses.


It’s easy to appreciate AI when receiving personalized weather, news, and traffic alerts, but did you know that AI can improve customer satisfaction and employee performance?

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6.21: Capturing 30 Years of Knowledge with AI
Are you nearing retirement? What about your team?
While it might sound like a funny question this conversation was the crux of the IBM Woodside case study we are discussing this month. 


For over 30 years, Woodside has been operating some of the world’s largest petroleum production platforms.



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5.21: Data Science and Cloud Pak for Data

Does the term "Data Science" get you a bit confused? When you add Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Watson, and Congos to the conversation do you feel like there is a joke about a bar coming next?

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4.21: The Benefits of Data Governance

As organizations collect and store massive amounts of data, it is becoming essential to understand and govern all enterprise data in order to mitigate risk and accelerate insights.

That's where Data Governance comes into play. Data governance consists of policies, processes and an organizational structure to support enterprise data management. It helps you to know what data you have, where that data resides and how that data can be used. 

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3.21: Digital Transformation, Watson Discovery, and Natural Language Processing

Content created with YOU in mind: LPA Articles, Events, and Resources sent right to your inbox.

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2.21: HR Analytics

This month we are focusing our attention to the importance of HR Analytics. Did you know that it costs an average of six to nine months’ salary to replace an employee according to USI?

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1.21: Let's kick off the New Year right with the resources you need

It's 2021, friend - we made it! We are here to provide the articles and resources you need to make the New Year a fruitful one.

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12.20: Holiday season

We hope the Holiday season brings you happiness and success.

As we prepare to close out the year with friends and family, all of us at LPA  wish you and yours a wonderful and safe Holiday season.

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11.20: How AI-Infused Business Intelligence Is Transforming Business

AI is transforming the world through a variety of ways. It is rewriting business models and redefining productivity in addition to helping organizations prepare for worst case scenarios.

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10.20: The Future of Business is Artificial Intelligence

AI is transforming the world through a variety of ways. It is rewriting business models and redefining productivity in addition to helping organizations prepare for worst case scenarios.

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9.20: The CIO's Guide to Data Science

Moving from Big Data to Useful Data

CIOs have never been more under pressure thanks to overwhelming amounts of big data. Data science or big data analytics strategy is critical to how the business receives data and acts on it. 

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8.20: Demystifying Data Science: Data Science VS. Business Intelligence VS. Big Data

Data science is the secret weapon to harness the power of data for business growth successfully. That’s why the Harvard Business Review named data science the sexiest job of the 21st century. In this article, learn the basics of data science, and how it compares to (and is often mistaken for) other terms within the world of data

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7.20: September Virtual User Group, Cognos Best Practices, and More

Don't Go it Alone

We're sharing our Cognos Implementation Best Practices in this spotlight article from our Blog. Our implementation approach guarantees a faster time to value along with practices and standards that drive success for IT and business. Read on to see how in our blog:

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6.20: Weekly Training Classes, Training Class Discounts, & More


Our New Knowledge Center Is Finally Launched!
Ready to Enhance Your Technical Skills?


We are excited to announce our new knowledge center has been launched. The Knowledge Center is where you can find our latest resources to read and study. We're offering a wide-range of resources that will enhance your technical skills and grow your knowledge throughout 2020.

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5.20: Software Comparison Guide, Cognos Training On-Demand & More

Duking It Out: Comparing Cognos Analytics VS Tableau VS Microsoft Power BI

With so many choices, it's hard to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best business intelligence solution. There are so many reports from research firms that compare and contrast different solutions, it's no wonder you can't decide. That's precisely why we decided to make a quick blog post that'll give you an overview on the pros and cons of three enterprise BI programs, respectively IBM’s Cognos Analytics, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI. 

Check out our latest blog: Comparing IBM Cognos vs Tableau vs Microsoft Power BI and click the button below to download the Comparison Guide: Cognos Software Vs. Microsoft Power BI Vs. Tableau:

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4.20: Training, Nationwide Cognos User Group, & More

Remote Cognos Training:
The Key to Software Adoption & Optimization

Let's face it: there never seems to be enough time for training. Now that most everyone is working from home, we're finding many of our customer's are repurposing their travel time with virtual training. To meet the demand, and continue to ensure you get the most out of your analytics software investments, we're enhancing our training offerings.

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