7.20: September Virtual User Group, Cognos Best Practices, and More

Don't Go it Alone

We're sharing our Cognos Implementation Best Practices in this spotlight article from our Blog. Our implementation approach guarantees a faster time to value along with practices and standards that drive success for IT and business. Read on to see how in our blog:

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6.20: Weekly Training Classes, Training Class Discounts, & More

Our New Knowledge Center Is Finally Launched!
Ready to Enhance Your Technical Skills?


We are excited to announce our new knowledge center has been launched. The Knowledge Center is where you can find our latest resources to read and study. We're offering a wide-range of resources that will enhance your technical skills and grow your knowledge throughout 2020.

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5.20: Software Comparison Guide, Cognos Training On-Demand & More

Duking It Out: Comparing Cognos Analytics VS Tableau VS Microsoft Power BI

With so many choices, it's hard to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best business intelligence solution. There are so many reports from research firms that compare and contrast different solutions, it's no wonder you can't decide. That's precisely why we decided to make a quick blog post that'll give you an overview on the pros and cons of three enterprise BI programs, respectively IBM’s Cognos Analytics, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI. 

Check out our latest blog: Comparing IBM Cognos vs Tableau vs Microsoft Power BI and click the button below to download the Comparison Guide: Cognos Software Vs. Microsoft Power BI Vs. Tableau:

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4.20: Training, Nationwide Cognos User Group, & More

Remote Cognos Training:
The Key to Software Adoption & Optimization

Let's face it: there never seems to be enough time for training. Now that most everyone is working from home, we're finding many of our customer's are repurposing their travel time with virtual training. To meet the demand, and continue to ensure you get the most out of your analytics software investments, we're enhancing our training offerings.

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