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How reliable and stable would Windows 10 be when hosting Jupyter Server for the Cognos Environment?

Unfortunately the new Windows 10 version of Jupyter is just too new for me to have a definitive answer for how stable it could be. I have installed it, and frankly I’m still working on getting it to integrate with my 11.1.5 server – I have some network issues with ports being blocked by Windows Firewall and an anti-virus software.

The architecture is that of Docker running in a Hyper-V VM on the Windows 10 platform. Since W10 isn’t a server architecture one has to be logged in for Docker to be running.

My initial impressions (subject to change without notice 😊) is that this could be a good platform on which to test out Jupyter and determine how I might apply that capability in my enterprise, I’d rather go to production on a bona fide server platform, even if it has to be Linux.

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