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Ditch the Cluttered Spreadsheets

Still using manual methods to analyze and report on your business’ finances? A single mistake can cause you to implement the wrong strategy or get in trouble for breaking regulations. Oversight is common in manual data input and analysis, resulting in inaccurate financial statements and forecasting errors. Not only do these problems cause complications come tax season, they could also compromise your business decisions.
Plus, using a spreadsheet to calculate and track your finances is just tedious. This method takes hours of work, which can overburden your accounting staff. Won’t it be nice to use digital finance analytics to automate everything?
LPA’s financial planning and analysis consulting services can help you break out from these outdated practices. We’ll take financial reporting tasks off your hands, so you can focus on growing your business. With our expertise and advanced technologies, you’ll get real-time, accurate, and actionable reports and financial plans.
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Upgrade Your Financial Reporting Capabilities


LPA’s financial planning and analytics consulting services help you gather, analyze, and present financial data. This information makes your budgeting, spending, and forecasting efforts more transparent and efficient. Our financial analytics consultants have had years of experience as accountants, comptrollers, and financial advisers, so you can trust us to help keep your business’ cash in check. Here are some advantages of working with our team:

  • Integrated Financial Plans – Financial forecasts shouldn’t just rely on one data point. A lot of factors can affect the revenue of a company, like overhead costs, production per unit, and more. We’ll make sure those are addressed in your financial plans and reports.
  • Real-Time Reports – Tired of entering data manually into a spreadsheet just to get an updated report? Our solutions do this automatically! All you need is check your dashboard for real-time updates on your finances.
  • Flexible Solutions – Our services are flexible, especially when it comes to storage. Choose whether you want to keep your financial data exclusively on your servers or on the cloud.
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Manual data gathering and analysis are a thing of the past when it comes to financial planning and reporting. LPA’s financial analytics implementation services update your business’ practices when it comes to budgeting and forecasting through customized software. We also make sure that our financial analytics software solution works with your business intelligence system.

Our services include implementation, training, software and licensing renewal analysis, as well as:

Finance & Performance
Management Consulting

Shrink the time spent getting your system up and running while ensuring compliance through a comprehensive financial consolidation process.Develop robust monthly financial reporting solutions that includes driver-based allocation methodologies.

Provide a reporting solution that aligns seamlessly with your Operations team to ensure smooth interactions across the organization.

Design and build a budgeting and forecasting solution that enables collaboration with decentralized employees and eliminates manual, time-consuming processes.

LPA currently has
two FPM offers

IBM Planning Analytics Express/Planning Analytics Upgrade Assessment Hospitality Insight - LPA’s framework tailored to the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Industries


Ongoing Support – As a trusted partner, LPA will be there before, during, and after implementation to provide help when you need it to ensure you’re getting the most out of your analytics environment.



LPA’s Compass Implementation Approach

Decades of industry experience has pushed us to create the Compass methodology. This process is divided into discovery, implementation, deployment, and continuation. Here’s how they work.

  • Discovery – This involves a series of meetings where we identify and define possible bottlenecks and BI problems in your company.
  • Implementation – Here, we address issues by designing, building, and testing software solutions.
  • Deployment – Once we determine that our programs are effective at solving your business intelligence woes, we’ll integrate them into your existing system.
  • Continuation – Our services don’t stop at deployment. We’ll provide continuous support to ensure your new BI system works well. We’ll also provide training for you and your employees to ensure you’re making the most of your platforms.

These four simple steps create a full lifecycle that can efficiently deploy our solutions. The Compass methodology been used for hundreds of projects and has delivered consistent success.


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