IBM Cloud PakS

Accelerate cloud adoption to support digital transformation. Build multi-cloud environments and manage cloud workloads with speed and reliability


Disrupted Is The New Normal

But It Presents Opportunities for Modernization

Digital transformation (DX) is no longer a "nice to have" during this critical time. To stay competitive and profitable, you need to accelerate your cloud adoption strategy. 

This means moving past the basic cloud model while keeping pace with the latest requirements and innovations. Yet, developing cloud applications in-house and from scratch is not efficient. Additionally, stitching together third-party component layers which may or may not be compatible with each other is painstaking, costly, and inefficient.  

Not to mention, you have to consider security compliance and preserve the value of your existing investment.

IBM Cloud Paks: Speed, Flexibility, and Reliability

IBM Cloud Paks are modular enterprise-grade containerized software solutions designed to offer a fast and reliable way to build, move, and manage workloads on the cloud.  

The portable design allows you to deploy Cloud Paks in any cloud environment. The up-to-date software provides full-stack support while ensuring the highest degree of security. The container approach allows you to integrate clouds from multiple vendors and build a unified cloud strategy. The pay-as-you-go model means you only purchase the features you need when you need them. 


IBM Cloud Pak for Applications
  • Delivers a consistent experience for building, deploying, and managing applications
  • Accelerates the modernization and deployment of applications with built-in tools and workflows
IBM Cloud Pak for Automation
  • Provides low-code tools that can be easily adopted by non-technical business users
  • Integrates with IBM Robotic Process Automation 
  • Accelerates automation with built-in workflows and decision-making tools


IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • Modernizes the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data with AI technologies
  • Unifies and simplifies the collection, organization, and analysis of data to derive actionable insights
  • Manages end-to-end data processing and machine learning pipelines using IBM Watson

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration
  • Offers built-in templates, prebuilt connectors, and an asset repository. 
  • Acquires data from multiple sources with API lifecycle management and data integration tools
  • Supports the flexibility and scale needed for integration and digital transformation
IBM Cloud Pak for Management
  • Collects and organizes events generated by applications running in different environments
  • Provides consistent visibility, automation, and governance capabilities in a setting
  • Offers the ability to manage a wide range of activities without sacrificing agility

Discover the Power of Cloud Paks

Get in touch with our consultants to learn what an IBM Cloud Pak can do for your business.


1. Portability 

The portable, container-based platform can run on-premises, on public clouds, or in integrated systems. It allows you to build once and deploy anywhere 

2. Security 

Cloud Paks incorporate certified, up-to-date software to provide full-stack support so you can mitigate risk and ensure business continuity under any circumstances

3. Consumability 

Pre-integrated for specific use cases, such as application deployment and process automation, you can pay for the Cloud Pak you need when you need it 

4. Streamlined Data Analytics 

As a fully-integrated data and AI platform with built-in governance cloud properties, IBM Cloud Paks allow you to leverage AI to tap into the power of big data


5. Cloud Migration Readiness 

Cloud Paks enables you to begin the process of managing an on-premise environment in a cloud-like fashion by developing workloads using container technology

6. Cloud Access 

Cloud Paks facilitate a hybrid cloud approach for faster and more secure modernization. You can access cloud services while complying with company technology standards and policies

7. Cloud Agility 

Cloud Paks allow you to tap into the agility, scalability, efficiencies, and cost savings of cloud computing without the need for substantial upfront capital investment

David Russell - Data and Analytics Modernization

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See how LPA designs cloud strategy and facilitates cloud adoption using IBM Cloud Paks to support successful digital transformation for our clients. 

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