High-Quality IBM Cognos Implementation

Although finding powerful business intelligence software like IBM Cognos is easy, integrating it into your existing system can be challenging. For one, creating customized dashboards and visualizations require expert assistance. Plus, transferring gigabytes upon gigabytes of data is difficult if you don’t have the right knowledge and equipment. Deadlines also pose a concern when it comes to the high-quality implementation of IBM Cognos. Can your tech team still improve on the quality of data delivered when they are busy attending to other data needs in your company? Can they cover the entire lifecycle of the project?

Let LPA be your IBM Cognos implementation partner. We make sure your transition to your new system is seamless. Our team has mastered various levels of IBM Cognos BI administration, so we can assist you in the implementation phase of your projects by bringing a specialist in charge of sorting out your internal resources. Trust our team to take full ownership of your project’s execution. We implement and document solutions based on your business’s requirements — budget and deadline-wise.

We also offer consultancy services for IBM Cognos. Our consultants help you choose the right level of engagement to suit your unique business challenges. We work with you to refine your IBM Cognos Architecture and Roadmap, as well as implement (or co-implement) your Cognos solutions.

Along with our financial management consulting services, our IBM Cognos team makes your business competitive and future-proof.

The LPA Advantage


LPA’s IBM Cognos implementation service team consists of certified experts with decades of experience in business intelligence services. Here’s what you can expect when working with us.

  • Tailored Solutions – We understand that business intelligence needs vary from one company to another. As such, we customize the IBM Cognos platform according to your preferences and budget.

  • Transparent and Dedicated – Our team works closely with you to ensure you understand every step of the implementation process. We provide regular updates and reports leading up to deployment.

  • Structured Approach – We use our Compass methodology to ensure that our implementation is consistently successful. It has four steps: discovery, implementation, deployment, and continuation. It’s a simple but full product lifecycle that has worked well for hundreds of clients.
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Hassle-Free IBM Cognos Implementation

LPA makes your IBM Cognos implementation hassle-free. We tailor your dashboard and visualizations to the data points that matter most to your business. Our experts also take care of transferring your existing data to your new business intelligence (BI) system. All you need to do is attend our training sessions to make the most out of your tailored BI platform.


You can count on our IBM-certified consultants to provide valuable insights and recommendations for implementing Cognos in your business. We’re here to guide you, from discovering possible bottlenecks in your system to launching your new BI platform.


We offer excellent services beyond implementation. If you ever run into any problems using IBM Cognos, our representatives are one call away. We even provide training for you and your employees to make sure you’re using your BI system to its highest potential.


Ongoing Support – As a trusted partner, LPA will be there before, during, and after implementation to provide help when you need it to ensure you’re getting the most out of your analytics environment.


Delivering Excellent Services

Our Tried & Tested Methodology

LPA’s staff has decades of collective experience in providing BI solutions to clients in various industries. This led us to create the Compass methodology, which provides consistent success for every project. Here’s an overview of it.

  • Discovery – It involves a series of meetings where we talk about the possible problems in your business processes. We figure out which tools to use to address these issues.
  • Implementation – After discovery, we proceed to designing, building, and testing BI solutions.
  • Deployment – This phase is all about integrating the tools we’ve built and tested into your system.
  • Continuation – After we implement IBM Cognos in your business processes, we train you and your workers to make sure you’re proficient in using your new system.



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