Expert Big Data Implementation Services

Implementation for Full-Circle Success

To fully leverage the power of big data, your organization needs powerful analytics tools to collect, clean, categorize, aggregate, and present data. They enable precise data collection and processing, which generate accurate reports that support intelligent decision-making. To take it a step further, your organization needs tools that are tailored to your needs — specialized software that can manage the volume and type of data that your company handles.

LPA offers a full range of implementation services that support your data and analytics strategy. Our work spans the following areas:

LPA also provides end-to-end implementation services, from identifying the best analytics strategy to upgrading your tools to providing ongoing support.

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For Faster, More Accurate Business Analytics


LPA offers Analytics Installation and Configuration and Analytics Upgrade Services. These pave the way for a stronger data analytics strategy and consequently, better business decision-making.

  • Fortify Your IT Infrastructure – Your team will have modern, upgraded analytics solutions, installed and configured by our IBM-certified experts. We’ll set the programs up and migrate all important files into the new system.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency – Updated analytics tools collect, clean, and process data faster and leave no room for human error.
  • Generate Clearer Reports – You’ll have a clear picture of the present state of your business and how far along you are in reaching your targets.



End-to-End Implementation Solutions

Boost your organization’s capabilities by investing in end-to-end implementation services. With LPA, you’ll formulate an analytics strategy and an implementation roadmap to plan a concrete path to your goals. Then, our technical services make sure your analytics infrastructure supports and enables your analytics plan. Finally, you receive ongoing support from our certified experts to keep you on track.

Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

LPA will help you identify the best analytics strategy to meet the unique needs of your business. We’ll then map an implementation plan to get you there.


Analytics Installation & Configuration

Let LPA ensure that your analytics are correctly installed and configured across all server environments to form a solid foundation for your analytics implementation to perform as expected.

Upgrade services

quickly upgrade and roll out the latest version of your Analytics software.

Data Management Services

LPA can accelerate your data cleansing and preparation efforts, as well as support the implementation of your Data Management Plan.

Data Science & AI Implementation

We provide end to end assistance for your Data Science & AI projects, including support with Data Preparation, Data Modeling, Deployment and Microservices & API Integration.

Location Analytics Implementation

LPA can help you integrate Location Analytics into your current environment and augment your internal data with external Location based Data.


Ongoing Support

As a trusted partner, LPA will be there before, during, and after implementation to provide help when you need it to ensure you’re getting the most out of your analytics environment.



Compass: The LPA Approach to Analytics

A Methodology that Delivers Results

The Compass Methodology is an approach LPA has developed based on decades of collective experience in crafting, implementing, and evaluating analytics solutions for diverse industries. This approach divides your project into four parts:

  • Discovery – Identifying issues and corresponding solutions
  • Implementation – Designing and testing the solutions
  • Deployment – Launching the software that addresses issues
  • Continuation – Providing technical and training support

It’s a proven effective method that has been enabling countless organizations to make the most of business intelligence. We’re certain it will work for you, too.



Reinforce Your Analytics Environment

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