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IBM Cloud Paks: What They Are & Why You Should Use Them

Digital transformation (DX) is no longer a "nice to have" -- if you want to stay competitive and profitable in...

How Great Would it be to be Able to See Just Beyond the Horizon?

HR Analytics: The Key to Effective Human Capital Management

Organizations large and small are experiencing substantial shifts during the pandemic. To effectively manage a...

Why You Need Data Science in a Post Pandemic World

Kevin Ashton was probably the first person to use the phrase, ‘the Internet of Things’ (IoT), way back in a...


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Four Ways IBM Watson is Changing the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has always been competitive and fast changing.  IBM Watson can help: Decreases...

9 Tips to Building Better Customer Experiences with IBM Watson

Customers expect more year over year. Just one bad experience turn s away your most loyal ...

The Benefits of IBM Planning Analytics For Small Business & How to Implement

Did you know that 88% of all spreadsheets aren’t completely accurate and even the most carefully crafted ones...

The CIO’s Guide to Data Science: Moving from Big Data to Data-Driven

For decades now, businesses have used whatever data they could get for data-driven business decision-making. ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jupyter Notebooks work with virtual server as well? or only physical server?

Answer: Jupyter Notebooks work equally well on a VM as it does on a physical machine.

my understanding, 11.1.5 made Jupyter Notebook available on windows, however windows 10 only

Yes, that is correct.  I’m currently working on that installation on a Windows 10 PC to understand both the install...

Is python the only language supported in the Cognos version of Jupyter Notebook?­


How reliable and stable would Windows 10 be when hosting Jupyter Server for the Cognos Environment?

Unfortunately the new Windows 10 version of Jupyter is just too new for me to have a definitive answer for how stable...



Prevent Client Attrition by Leveraging IBM Watson in the Insurance Industry

Predictive analytics can help insurance industry players to streamline claims processing, customer service, and...

VUG Training: What's New in Cognos Analytics v11.7.1

Watch the What's New in Cognos Analytics v11.1.7 session from our Virtual User Group given by Rich Chester, the...

VUG Training: Advanced Planning and Forecasting

Watch an overview of the latest enhancements in Planning Analytics (Tm1 Server version 11.8.0) followed by a...

VUG Training: Data & Analytics Modernization

Digital Transformation has become a real proposition for many companies and organizations. Watch the session...


KEY STEPS AND Best Practices for Effectively Implementing HR Analytics

HR analytics can help reduce employee attrition, improve talent acquisition, optimize resource allocation, and...

LPA Analytics Strategy & AI Roadmap

Analytics Strategy & AI Roadmap Assessment Let's start at the beginning of your journey, wherever it may begin. When...

Planning Analytics Resiliency Assessment

We know how tough 2020 has been for your business because we've also experience great change in our industry. That's...

How to Ensure Greater User Adoption of Analytics and AI

At LPA, we know how to ensure greater user adoption of analytics and AI because we’ve been steeped in it for nearly...



Program Demo: Auto AI Model and Deployment Accelerators

3 Cases for Advanced Analytics in the Insurance Industry

Question: How would Insurance Accelerator work with my company’s data?

Question: What is the return on The LPA Insurance Accelerator?


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