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AI in Business: Predictions for 2021

You don't exactly need a crystal ball to predict that AI will change the world of business in 2021.Artificial...

What is Big Data? A Beginners Guide

Oil was once the world’s most valuable resource, but that’s no longer true. Today, most experts say data is worth...

7 Major Data Analytics Trends

Technology is moving society forward at a record-setting pace. And with all the new technology comes massive amounts...

8 Applications for Data Analytics in Retail



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How to Use Weather Data in Your Forecasting & Planning

In a recent survey of over 1,000 C-level executives in 13 industries and 15 countries, all respondents said that...

How and Why To Put Demand Sensing to Work In Your Hospitality Business

Put Demand Sensing to Work  Old approaches of forecasting and planning in hospitality simply don’t work thanks to...

8 Characteristics of a Great Data Software Implementation Partner

It's not easy finding the right software partner. To ease your search, we've listed the top 8 qualities you should...

Visual Inspector: An Executive's Guide to What It Is and Why You Need It

Our Visual Inspector Guide is one of the most anticipated guides we've written. Inside the guide, you will find: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jupyter Notebooks work with virtual server as well? or only physical server?

Answer: Jupyter Notebooks work equally well on a VM as it does on a physical machine.

my understanding, 11.1.5 made Jupyter Notebook available on windows, however windows 10 only

Yes, that is correct.  I’m currently working on that installation on a Windows 10 PC to understand both the install...

Is python the only language supported in the Cognos version of Jupyter Notebook?­


How reliable and stable would Windows 10 be when hosting Jupyter Server for the Cognos Environment?

Unfortunately the new Windows 10 version of Jupyter is just too new for me to have a definitive answer for how stable...



IBM Visual Insights: Accessible AI For Visual Inspection

Manufacturers are always looking for operational cost and quality improvements, as well as the ability to flexibly...

Planning Analytics - I Moved to the Cloud, Now What?

This webinar highlighted tool and capabilities that are included with your Planning Analytics cloud subscription....

What's New in Planning Analytics?

What's New in Planning Analytics? Catch up on new updates with this playback, like: What’s New In PA 2.0.9 • What’s...

IBM Cognos Analytics Virtual Classroom Training with Motio

IBM Cognos Virtual Classroom. This classroom consists of hands on exercises and education for Cognos Analytics...


Financial Planning Analytics Strategy Planning for Hospitality

Put Demand Sensing to Work in You Old approaches to forecasting and planning simply don’t work in today’s volatile...

IBM Weather Visioning Workshop

Start making better weather-based decisions for your organization.

Planning Analytics Cloud Capabilities Assessment

Are you getting the most out of your Planning Analytics investment? You spent all that time and effort converting...

Visual Inspector Demo

Take Your Inspection to the Next Level with Artificial Intelligence In all Visual Inspector use cases, the...


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