Developing an Analytics Strategy & Roadmap for Alex Lee

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Alex Lee Inc.  food distribution and retail services company has over 600 retail food stores, and two merchant companies: a wholesale grocery distributor with more than 1500 employees, and a grocery retailer with over 100 stores.

Business Challenge

Alex Lee Inc. was growing extremely rapidly, which forced them to increase their focus on the use of analytics to drive decision making. Led by their CIO, the company launched an initiative to develop an analytics strategy and roadmap, which enabled their business units as well as the IT department to provide greater support for the use of analytics.  Alex Lee Inc. was interested in finding out precisely how analytics would support their employees and the business as a whole.



  • A standardized budgeting and forecasting platform that can easily integrate new locations as the company continues to grow
  • A best-practices approach to planning and budgeting, integrated into the tool so ongoing governance is simpler
  • The ability to produce dynamic, detailed reporting and analysis quickly and efficiently
  • Streamlined and real time forecast process across all locations with actuals updated automatically using one standard template
  • Information that gives stakeholders up-to-date information and the ability to spot problems in advance providing fast, accurate and flexible reporting
  • Vast reduction in the manual steps required for reporting by automating the data integration, calculations and report creation
  • Immediate access for stakeholders to updated financials on a daily basis




LPA was tasked with establishing a successful business analytics environment at Alex Lee, which would be known as the Analytics Competency Center (ACC).

LPA provided business consultative services to Alex Lee by using a collaborative approach to account for a variety of requirements from all aspects of the business.

Along with upgrading their existing Cognos software and Framework Models and identifying issues in their current data/analytics structure, LPA designed, developed, and delivered a complete strategic project plan.

By working directly with the Alex Lee stakeholders and team members, our work enabled Alex Lee to implement and deploy an analytics infrastructure, as well as identify & prioritize primary analytics use cases.

Specifically, the analytics infrastructure resulted in quantified metrics, use-cases goals, architecture & source system integration, data governance, a deployment plan, and an official training approach.

From start to finish, LPA worked tirelessly to educate and train the Alex Lee team and develop a successful and long-term analytical solution.

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