Global Client Moves to Cloud for Event Planning Analytics & Modeling

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Dec 31, 2019 11:22:02 AM

Our client is a global business intelligence, academic publishing, and knowledge corporation with a division provides planning services for large conferences, supporting roughly 550 events annually around the world.

Business Challenges

Despite its global nature, our client had no efficient way to look at a consolidated view of their global operations to better enable forecasting and budgeting, while dealing with multiple currencies further complicated matters.

The global client needed the capability to create ad hoc reports, shorten its planning cycles, access executive dashboards with Key Performance Indicators, and use predictive analytics to determine optimum staffing levels and room profitability for their events.

LPA found that competing data hierarchies produced a complex structure that made both ad hoc reporting and predictive analytics a challenge. Also, there was the potential for data manipulation or processing errors through the use of Excel to merge data.



LPA recommended the use of the cloud-based IBM Planning Analytics to help automate analysis and reporting. The system would also facilitate predictions and modeling for future events and the associated staffing and operational costs.



We implemented planning analytics for our client’s platform so that they better achieve financial reporting, performance forecasting, and optimized budgeting. Data is now seamlessly imported and analyzed from multiple sources, in a global consolidated framework for the first time ever. Usage has doubled in the last six months due to the reports and dashboards that are now readily available to all managers.

Topics: Commercial Market

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