Analytics Solutions for the HR Industry

Reduce employee attrition, improve talent acquisition, optimize resource allocation, and improve the employee experience with AI-powered data analytics. 


The New Normal for HR is Disruptive

The insurance industry is among the most affected during the pandemic– many who have not embraced predictive analytics find themselves struggling to compete.

Watson Predictive Analytics

Managing remote workforces and responding to the fast-changing business environment means HR departments have to adapt quickly. 

HR professionals can't simply react. They need to be proactive in planning and projecting resource needs as companies are relying more on HR capabilities and functionalities to make informed decisions with lasting cost implications.

Yet, most HR departments are feeling the crunch to do more with less. Those that haven't embraced real-time data analytics are lagging behind.

Predictive Analytics Powered by IBM Watson 

Watson Studio


Reduce Employee Attrition
  • Lower cost associated with rehiring, onboarding, training, benefits, etc.
  • Retain more of your highly valued and most productive staff members.
  • Reduce turnover to ensure business continuity during uncertain times.
Improve Talent Acquisition
  • Hire the right people for the right jobs to maximize revenue per employee. 
  • Identify and promote high-performing employees to the right positions.
  • Support employee growth, improve job satisfaction, and increase retention rates.


Optimize Resource Allocation
  • Support other departments to make the right resource decisions.
  • Optimize resource usage, maximize operational efficiency, and reduce costs.
  • Get a bird's eye view to ensure that every employee's talent is put to good use.
Improve Employee Experience
  • Gauge employee sentiment, even during remote working, with relevant data.
  • Increase retention rates and productivity by boosting employee experience
  • Identify problems early on so you can take action to prevent employee attrition.
Go From Reactive to Proactive
  • Proactively project resource needs for accurate planning when rehiring post-pandemic to optimize cost-efficiency.
  • Meet organization objectives by leveraging the data you already own and have access to. 

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Learn how LPA transformed data into insights and increased operational efficiency for HR clients.

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