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Analytics Strategy & AI Roadmap

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Dec 21, 2019 10:38:24 PM

Strategy & Roadmap Offering 

Let's start at the beginning of your journey, wherever it may begin. When you allow LPA to guide your organization down the path of embracing analytics and AI, we will work together building the following pieces of your strategy:

  1. Analytics & AI Education
    Whether you have existing analytics and AI capabilities, or no background at all, we will begin by establishing a common language around data and analytics, defining key terms and concepts, ensuring stakeholders have a common understanding about analytics strategy and language.

  2. Business Vision
    Our seasoned consultants work with your team to determine key areas most likely to benefit from the addition of analytics capabilities, including specific business metrics and subject areas. We start by assessing your current state of readiness and work forward. LPA consultants are skilled at working with all levels in an organization, from C Suite to technical analysts.

  3. Data Architecture
    LPA works with your IT staff to align analytics and data environments with the business vision, including data sources and analytics technologies required.

  4. Recommendations & Results
    After our interviews, discussions and analyses are complete, we gather your team together to review our results.  We do this as part of an interactive presentation, allowing stakeholders to ask questions for clarity or confirmation. We also prepare documentation illustrating our findings and enumerating our recommendations on how you should move forward with your analytics and AI strategy. 

Let's Build Your Analytics Strategy & AI Roadmap

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