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Change Readiness Assessment

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Aug 27, 2020 2:20:08 PM

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What it is?

An organizational change readiness assessment is the set of tasks that an organization completes to identify how prepared they are for a particular change. An organizational change readiness assessment is the set of tasks that you complete to identify how prepared an organization is for a particular change.

How long it takes

The Change Readiness Assessment can be conducted virtually with dependency upon participation from the organization. Active participation is roughly 30 minutes an employee with the remainder of the consolidation, findings, and recommendations to be conducted by CAUSE+EFFECT Strategy.

What they will get out of it
The findings from the change readiness assessment will allow you to better plan your change management activities, including communications, engagement, and training. You will receive, depending on the opportunity, an assessment of;

    • A Group or Organizations’ Culture
    • Each group’s capacity for change
    • Manager’s Styles
    • Positive or Negative Effects of Previous Change
    • Awareness and Willingness to Support Change
    • Analyze Knowledge Gaps
    • Analyze Documentation Gaps

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