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Cognos End-User Training

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Dec 21, 2019 11:15:42 PM

LPA’s Cognos Training solutions are customized for your business, and the courses are customized for your employees. We can set up as many days of training in as many different fields as your company needs to make your technical and business users comfortable with their new tools. We will customize the sessions to use your data and your terminology so each workshop will be relevant to your company’s everyday BI use.

All of our instructors are experienced teachers and also BI consultants. This means that they know your solution inside and out. They will come to your location on your schedule, and walk through the solution using your data and your models. Our training model is made for efficiency – it reduces travel time, fits into your schedule, and prepares your authors to create reports on their own as soon as we walk out the door.   LPA's consultants are trained using the same materials delivered in these offerings.  LPA provides the best trainers and materials to save your organization as much as 50% compared to others.

LPA Cognos Training Offerings

All of our BI training is intended for IBM Cognos versions 10.x and Cognos Analytics with  a custom package for you including training in any of the following:

Cognos Analytics (v11.x) Training

  • Data Exploration - .5 Day Course
  • New Reporting Features - 1 Day Course
  • Report Authoring - 1 Day Course
  • Advanced Report Authoring - 2 Day Course
  • Dimensional Report Authoring - 1 Day Course
  • Active Reports - 1-2 Day Course
  • Data Modules - .5 Day Course
  • Dashboards - .5 Day Course
  • Framework Manager Essentials - 1 Day Course
  • Dynamic Cubes - 1 Day Course
  • Navigating Cognos Analytics - 2 Hour Course
  • Cognos Analytics Workshop - .5 Day Course

Cognos 10.x Training

  • Cognos Report Studio - 3 Day Course
  • Cognos Active Reports - 1-2 Day Course
  • Cognos Query Studio - 1 Day Course
  • Cognos Analysis Studio - 1 Day Course
  • Cognos Framework Manager Essentials - 1 Day Course
  • Cognos Workspace - 1 Day Course
  • Cognos Workspace Advanced - 2 Day Course
  • Cognos Report Studio Dimensional Reporting Fundamentals - 1 Day Course
  • Self Service BI Assessment Workshop

Planning (Formerly TM1) Analytics Training

  • TM1/Planning Analytics for Developers - 2 Day Course
  • TM1/Planning Analytics for End Users - 1.5 Day Course

SPSS Training

  • SPSS Modeler (4-5 days)

Class sizes can range from as little as 4 students to as many as 12. Training is on site, and can be done in your environment with your data.

Training materials can also be acquired for internal training delivery purposes.  If your organization requires Cognos End User training using your data conducted by your trainers, please contact us for a quote. 

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9 out of 10 evaluations rate "The Course as a Whole" as 5 out of 5 sharing "Excellent Instructor - lots of real life experience," "The ability to deviate from the outline to cover a unique area of interest", and "Hands on exercises using our data that can be referenced after the course," schedule your Cognos training with LPA today. Simply fill out the form to get started.

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