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A Comprehensive Guide to Data Fabric

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Mar 15, 2022 3:04:35 PM

Get ahead of disparate data sources, lack of access, and complex data integration challenges to start fully utilizing the data within your organization. 

Implementing a data fabric strategy allows organizations to overcome these common data challenges. The integrated architecture leverages data to provide a consistent capability across endpoints spanning a hybrid multi-cloud environment.  

By creating standardized practices for data management, a data fabric creates greater visibility, access, and control. Most importantly, it creates a consistency that allows data to be used and shared anywhere within your environment. 

Gartner picked data fabric as its top strategic technology trend for 2022, noting that data fabric can reduce data management efforts by as much as 70%. 

Data fabric architecture simplifies analysis, especially for use with AI and machine learning, and has become a primary tool for many organizations to convert raw data into usable business intelligence.

How will data fabric benefit organizations?

  • It pulls together data from disparate sources into one unified source, which makes discovering, processing, and using data easier.
  • It allows organizations to ensure specific governance and security rules are followed regardless of where the data is accessed.
  • It can significantly reduce manual workloads by automating (and augmenting) data integration tasks.
  • It helps organizations leverage the power of the accumulated data across a local, hybrid cloud and/or multi-cloud environment.
  • It creates significant efficiencies for business, management, and organizational practices by modernizing storage and data management.

To better understand data fabric—what it is, the difference between it and data warehouse and data lake, common use cases, and implementing a data fabric strategy—download this comprehensive guide.  

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