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Guide to Leveraging a Data Fabric and Managing Data Governance

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Apr 12, 2022 11:48:38 AM

Data governance helps you know what data you have, where that data resides, and how that data can be used while managing data privacy restrictions.

Governance is especially important when managing a data fabric that spans multi-cloud and hybrid environments to ensure compliance with regulatory, industry, and corporate regulations and policies.

Forrester estimates that utilizing a data fabric can increase overall ROI by between 86% and 158%.

Data fabric pulls together all of your data resources regardless of where they reside. A reliable data fabric eliminates data silos and disconnected architecture by creating a unified infrastructure to ensure data consistency. Regardless of where your data lives, data fabric allows you to more easily manage and monitor costs, performance, and efficiency.

Not only will a data fabric improve your end-to-end performance; it simplifies your configurations and management and best of all, it helps to control costs.

When it comes to unifying governance and assuring compliance, data fabric:

  • Allows for local management and governance of metadata while supporting a global unified view and policy enforcement
  • Automatically applies policies on data assets per global and local rules
  • Utilizes advanced capabilities to automate data asset classification and curation
  • Automatically establishes query-able access routes for cataloged assets

Data fabric allows you to automate much of your data governance and security by deploying an active governance layer, which reduces your compliance and regulatory risk by applying automatic policy protection and ensuring compliance.

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