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IBM Visual Insights: Accessible AI For Visual Inspection

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Jul 20, 2020 1:08:00 AM

Manufacturers are always looking for operational cost and quality improvements, as well as the ability to flexibly make changes on the fly. In the past, Machine Learning based visual inspection has been expensive, unreliable, inflexible and overall difficult to work with.

IBM has introduced a true game changer with IBM Visual Inspector. IBM's Visual Inspector is truly a remarkable development in Machine Learning for visual inspection. In essence, an iPhone (or iPod or iPad) is used to take pictures of good and bad components or assemblies.

In less than one hour, IBM Visual Inspector uses these sample photos to train the AI model to recognize the defects versus good parts. Once implemented, accuracy can be higher than human visual inspection.

This technology was developed in a partnership between IBM and Apple. IBM's Visual Inspector is being implemented in the auto industry with great ROI today. The technology can be used in any situation that utilize humans to perform visual inspection.

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