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Planning Analytics Resiliency Assessment

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Oct 21, 2020 11:03:16 AM

We know how tough 2020 has been for your business because we've also experience great change in our industry. That's why we've created a resiliency assessment unique to your organization's current state of affairs.

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Let us help you move from survive to thrive with a complementary assessment tailored to your organization's needs. Some of the criteria you will be assessed on include:

  1. Do you use specialized software?

  2. Do you feel satisfied with the speed of planning?

  3. Are you adaptable in your forecasting plans?

  4. What % are you spending in collecting or consolidating data?

  5. How confident are you in that your plans reflect the current data at hand?

  6. How satisfied are you with change analysis?

  7. How prepared do you feel towards the pandemic resiliency for your company?

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Topics: Offers, Planning Analytics, Technical Audience, Executive Audience

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