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The CIO’s Guide to Data Science: Moving from Big Data to Data-Driven

Posted by LPA Software Solutions on Aug 26, 2020 10:21:45 AM

For decades now, businesses have used whatever data they could get for data-driven business decision-making.

Today, however, we are drowning in data; getting relevant insight from petabytes of readily- available data has morphed into a science – data science, actually.

Big data from billions of connected devices and users flows in at lightning speeds, and handling the volumes and diversity of this data is no small task.

In a company’s big data environment, no designation is more important than that of the chief information officer (CIO). The responsibilities thereof fall squarely on the CIO’s shoulders.

In this guide, we discuss the role of C-suite executives, particularly the CIO, in ensuring businesses derive maximum benefit from all data at their disposal.

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