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We Put the Personal Touch in Analytics & AI

At LPA, we know the ins and outs of Data, Analytics and AI because we’ve been steeped in it for nearly two decades. More importantly, we know our clients. All of whom need, use, and start their journey to Analytics and AI in unique ways.

We know that different products work better for different industries. We know that different end goals require different strategies. And we know that once an organization begins to embrace the power of Analytics and AI, it will be a game changer for their business.

Consultation. Strategy. Execution.

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Our consultants start with a readiness assessment to determine the key areas of your business that are most likely to benefit from Analytics & AI. From there, we devise a go-forward strategy, working with all levels of your organization—from the C-Suite to technical analysts.

As part of our strategy and consulting services, you will benefit from:

  • Analytics & AI Education: By establishing a common language around Data and Analytics and defining key terms and concepts from the beginning of our engagement, we’ll make sure all of your stakeholders are united around a shared understanding of the process and goals we’ve set out to achieve.
  • Data Architecture: LPA works with your IT staff to align your Data and Analytics environment with the vision of your business goals.
  • Recommendations & Results: After our initial assessment phase is complete, LPA will review the results with your stakeholders through an interactive presentation that allows your team the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarity. Finally, we’ll deliver a tailored set of recommendations for how your business should move forward.




LPA’s Advisory Services are designed to offer expert advice and assistance along multiple points of your Analytics & AI journey. Offerings include:

Strategic Advisement

Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

There are a number of common problems that stem from not having a strategy in place from the beginning of the Analytics journey, let LPA mitigate them with you.

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Analytics Competency Center

 You know that Analytics initiatives are significant strategic investments. Lack of data quality, absence of governance, and the uncontrolled proliferation of Analytics technologies often contribute to its downfall. An Analytics Center of Excellence will maximize the value of your enterprise investment in Analytics and help your organization reach the next level of maturity. LPA can assess where you are and provide a plan and roadmap to get you where you strive to go.

AI Visioning Workshop

We'll help you identify high-value use cases and design a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to get you started on your AI journey.

Data & Analytics Environment Modernization

We will help you plan for modern information architecture that will enhance your ability to collect, organize, analyze and infuse AI into your data for maximum business impact.

Technical Assessment

Analytics Health Check

Analytics applications need proper evaluation from time-to-time to ensure their design, performance, security and maintenance are at peak levels. LPA can review your Analytics technology against your business goals to identify where improvements can be made.

Learn MoreData Health Check - LPA offers an overall data health check to assess current state and make recommendations for improvement.

Data Governance Readiness AssessmentWe will help you assess the maturity of your Information Supply Chain and will provide recommendations for implementing Data Governance processes and technologies. Learn More

Solution Development

Data Science & AI Solutions

Our team will identify areas where automation, virtual assistants and visual recognition can be utilized to extend the value of your data.

Learn MoreInfrastructure Design - As your trusted partner, our team will help you design you Data Management plan and determine how it should be operationalized throughout the organization.



A Methodology that Delivers Results

The Compass Methodology is an approach LPA has developed based on decades of collective experience in crafting, implementing, and evaluating analytics solutions for diverse industries. This approach divides your project into four parts:

  • Discovery – Identifying issues and corresponding solutions
  • Implementation – Designing and testing the solutions
  • Deployment – Launching the software that addresses issues
  • Continuation – Providing technical and training support

It’s a proven effective method that has been enabling countless organizations to make the most of business intelligence. We’re certain it will work for you, too.


LPA Compass Methodology